Your Bum. Our Bus.

Lets bring the two together and make a trip of it. It’s really that easy. Just get on our hip whip and let Day Trippers be the answer to your trip needs. Why Us? Let’s count the ways… 

Diverse Day Trips

Another day, another way to embrace diversity.

Modern Booking

On the go. Online. Any device. Pick a day. Pick a time.


Forget changing trains and an awful trek.


Day Trips priced for The Other 98%.

Indulge Yourself

Designate your driver.


School bus? ✓

Tunes? ✓

Quirky Perks? ✓

Let's Day Trip

Book Your Escape
Debating Whether To Take That Trip?

Have A Peek.


Lakes & Trails

Let loose city dweller. Mother Nature Calls.

Hurricane Harbor

Our answer to your wet, hot American summer.

Asbury Park

Get lost in the city by the sea.

Drink & Dine

Indulge yourself, we’re driving.

Five Finger Discounts


Summer Fridays

Take an early break from life.
per person

Industry Day

Trips for those who deserve more than tips.
per person

On The Road


Raise A Glass! Tickets Go On Sale Soon

Jersey City Day Trippers evolved from a winter pipe dream that longed for the warmth of sun-filled days and the fun of summer nights. The
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Quick Q's

Why, by using our handy-dandy online booking system right here on the website. Explore available Day Trips by date, time, and destination. If you get stuck, you can call or e-mail us for further assistance.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before your departure time for a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 to 48 hours of your departure will receive a credit that must be used within 4 weeks of the original travel date. Cancellations made within 24 hours or less will receive no refund. I know, 1st world problems.

Bottoms up BUT no glass is allowed. Now crack open that aluminum can and chill. Also, be a sport and take your trash with you.

Jersey City Day Trippers will make the call in the event of inclimate weather.  A cancellation notification will be sent out a minimum of 2 hours before departure. Full refunds are given due to inclement weather. If your destination is a theme park, such as Six Flags or Action Park, we will leave the decision up to the destination. If the park is open, the bus is going.

Very yes. From weddings to birthdays to corporate outings and music festivals, Day Trippers offers a unique, nostalgic and charming way to travel with some seriously quirky perks. This is not your teacher’s school bus. Check out our Private Events page for more details.